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Viagra and Erectile Disfunction

They always say the general who gets his army in place first wins the battle. In this case, Pfizer was way ahead of its rivals when it launched Viagra in 1998. Within days, there were queues of men in every doctor’s office up and down the land. They were all asking for the little blue pills.

At a stroke, years of silent pain and suffering were cast aside. Embarrassment was no longer a problem when there was a proven cure on sale. Erectile dysfunction was no longer a threat!

Research has continued and blue pill has maintained its dominance despite the arrival of two competing drugs. It’s still the top-selling drug in the majority of markets around the world.

Why has it been such a success?

The answer is simple. The majority of people suffering erectile dysfunction have artherosclerosis and, in that situation, Sildenafil (generic Viagra) is the most effective of the treatments. That said, you should always go see your doctor before you begin to use any new drug and Sildenafil is no exception to this rule. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by some potentially dangerous illnesses and diseases. If your sexual problems are just the most obvious symptom of a more serious problem, you should have the full treatment to ensure you live long enough to enjoy the sexual performance blue pill can give you. Once you have a confirmed diagnosis, you can use this site to buy your medication online. Whether you buy the branded pills or the usually cheaper generic equivalent, you’re buying sixteen years of proven technology. The little blue pills really do outperform the competition and give you the treatment you need to restore sexual success and enjoyment to your life.

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Love Life, Love Nike Shoes

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FDA warns of generic Viagra hidden in "natural" OMG supplement: Tainted

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